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CHT offers investors an opportunity to participate in a unique business combination designed to build shareholder value.

Historically, companies pursuing an Up-C (Umbrella Partnership C Corporation) or UPREIT (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust) strategy during the years following a black swan event have performed well. CHT is one of the first such offerings in the U.S. following the COVID pandemic.


CHT Differentiators

Middle-Market Focus – CHT targets hotel assets considered to be middle-market properties in the geographies where they are located. These assets are desirable in their respective markets, durable across business cycles, and accessible for the majority of recreational and business travelers.

Diverse Asset Classes – CHT intends to optimize the value of its portfolio by operating a combination of full-service, select service, extended stay, and lifestyle hotels.

Brand Strength – CHT leverages the strength of iconic hotel brands such as Hilton, Marriot, IHG, and others.

Positive Demographics – The markets in which CHT assets are located have experienced robust population growth, driven by the ongoing strength of work-from-home options, increasing business travel, and growing demand from recreational travelers.

Opportunistic Acquisition Platform – CHT leverages the ground-level access of its Advisor and Founding Contributors to source off-market investments, special situations, and assets that can be acquired at a potential discount to their perceived market values.

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