Hotel Contributor Process

Are you interested in contributing full service, select service, extended stay, or lifestyle hotel assets to CHT? Our established process for evaluating and executing contributions is designed to be highly efficient. Once you reach out to us, the following steps will occur:

  1. Indicate your interest: Reach out to us with a simple description of your hotels, your management, and your goals for your assets.
  2. Initial Research: The CHT investment analysis team will respond promptly with a non-disclosure agreement and a description of the information required for a desktop review of your asset(s).
  3. Exploratory call: A CHT executive will join the deal analysis team for a call with you and your team to better understand your goals and objectives, and discuss the CHT contribution process, the benefits of that potential contribution, as well as CHT’s view of your asset(s).
  4. Fit call: We will have a second call with you and your team to discuss the baseline information and to determine if there is a fit between both parties. Assuming there is a fit, we will move to a term sheet.
  1. Term sheet: CHT will present a term sheet for the contribution of one or more of your assets, outlining the majority of key business terms for a potential transaction.
  2. Due Diligence: Once the term sheet is fully negotiated, both parties will complete substantive due diligence.
  3. Contribution Agreement: CHT will present you with a contribution agreement that memorializes the transaction and provides for a definitive closing with customary obligations for both parties to complete.
  4. Closing: Upon closing, you will exchange your assets into CHT in exchange for partnership units.

Indication of Interest

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